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Why I Decided To Write An Ebook

By Cole Walker

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Why I Decided To Write An Ebook

It all started about a year ago.

I was sitting in class helping out a classmate of mine with his "All-County Chorus" audition coming up. He was getting so frustrated because he couldn't get this line of music down. I was trying to help him and showing him a variety of ways to approach the line, but he would. not. listen. (Now I understood what a teacher feels like...)

The best part though was him implementing what I told him to do and it working out for him. "I told you so" was what I had running through my head, but I didn't dare say it. Every day during class, we would break off into sections to work on the music and I would be able to help him with what he was struggling with. It was almost like a mix between being a judge on American Idol and having my own students. This is what sparked my interest to educate.

A couple months later, he not only nailed his "All-County" audition, but he also reserved him a spot in "All-STATE" Chorus. Now don't get me wrong, I give all the credit to our Vocal Director in that class, but I can't help but think that after weeks upon weeks of helping him out that I instilled in him some value that ultimately led to him going above and beyond his original goal.

So throughout that year, I continued to try and help as many people as I could whether that be Singing, Acting, Stage Presence, and yes...Dancing. I fell in love with seeing people's "light bulbs" go off when I taught them something that finally broke through in their heads. I had found another passion of mine.

Although I am young, young enough to have people wonder what kind of value a guy my age could bring, I have more experience already than most people will have in their lifetime. I have spent thousands of hours and dollars working on my craft and am continuing to do so because everybody can ALWAYS get better. I have been on stage performing since I was about 4 years old and the passion only grew from there. Now, on top of continuing to get better personally, I want to provide value to other people and help them reach their goals.

This book is a testament to that growing passion. I have poured immense value into this single Ebook and I honestly recommend it to anyone who is even the slightest bit interested in Music or Performing. With over hours and hours of training/experience poured into this book, it's worth well over thousands of dollars and you have the opportunity to pick it up for a fraction of that cost.

Now I will say, I can promise you this price will go up. Could be a couple of months, couple of weeks, haven't decided yet. But if you have the slightest thought that you may want to check this book out, then I highly recommend you pick it up now.

The link to purchase it is above, but I'm also going to put it down below as well. All you have to do is hit the button and it will take you to where you need to go. Also, if you've made it this far through the Blog, I want to thank you by offering you a Free 10 Minute Consulting Call. Just hit "Schedule A Call" up at the top and fill out the form as instructed. To receive the Free Call, make sure to put "I enjoyed the blog!" in the "Message" section of the form!

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