Cole Walker

Cole Walker

Singer/Songwriter with a Business-Savvy mind.

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Professional Performer

Cole has been apart of multiple casts and has performed solo shows across the country. One of his favorite roles was Danny Zuko in the critically acclaimed musical, Grease.

Aspiring Entrepreneur

Cole's dabbling in Business has led him to start a few different businesses in the Social Media Marketing and Ecommerce space and has become a Market Analysis expert.

Value Provider

Between developing courses and one-on-one coaching, Mr. Walker continues to educate and provide value to people all over the world.

Best-Selling Author

Cole's first ever Ebook, "The Performer's Playbook", provides insane value for any level of performer and musician.

Life-Long Student

While currently being a college student, Cole also realizes and recognizes how important self-education is and to never stop learning and growing.


Since writing his first song at 12 years old, Cole is continuing to write, record, and collaborate on music to release to the world.

Want Private Lessons?

Cole currently teaches Voice, Guitar, and offers Coaching Calls for Social Media Marketing, Market Analysis, Ecommerce, Personal Branding, and Affiliate Marketing.

Each lesson has a customized schedule catered to you. For example, the Voice Lessons have options anywhere from 15-60 Minutes, ranging from $20-$45. Visit the "Coaching" Tab for more info!

Voice Lessons

The Performer's Playbook

This is Cole's debut book. "My plan for this Ebook was to combine years of Training/Instruction and deliver the most value possible to the reader." This book contains everything you need to get you on the ground running. This book is recommended to All Ages and especially those who are just starting out as a Performer.

In this book, Cole goes over Singing, Guitar, Songwriting, Acting, and Stage Presence. Also, he presents his secret tips/tricks that have helped him both on stage and off. "I've never read a more helpful and informative book" -Diana H.

These are all the secrets they don't want you to know... Invest in yourself today.

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