Cole Walker


This is one of Cole's first collaborations with his long-time friend, David Rahjae', who is a Pop/Hip Hop artist.

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Cole has been collaborating with other artists since he was 13 years old. It all started when a friend of his from school, David Rahjae', invited him over to his house to play some music. "I'll never forget that day. I knew David was talented, but not THAT talented. This guy was writing songs left and right and not only writing them, but producing ALL of his music. We instantly clicked. Next thing I know, I pulled out my guitar, and we started writing." Cole continues to collaborate with David to this day and has since started collaborating with other artists as well. "Whether it's on stage, in the studio, or playing in a garage, collaborating is the way to go. There's something about putting two or more creative people together in one room that creates some serious magic."

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